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Cynthia's Blog

ART 110 – Spring 2020

MW 3:15PM – 4:45PM

Graffiti Writing

I actually love this style of graffiti, ever since I was in high school of senior year. I remember everyday in art class I would doodle other classmates names in different styled fonts, but bubbled font was always my favorite. I still have all of my notebook sheets from back then! This is definitely my…

Artist Conversation #5

Artist: Kiyomi FukuiExhibition:Conversation on Conflict, The Green Thumb ProjectMedia: Sculpture, Print-basedWebsite: kiyomifukui.comInstagram: @kiyomimiz Kiyomi Fukui is a Japanese-American that lives and works in Long Beach, CA. Her art is motivated by the idea that things do not last forever and that is okay. As she states on her website, “There is a tendency for people to seek…

Sustainable Art

When making this sculpture, I was thinking of all the waste we put into the Earth that prevents or slows down the growth of natural conditions. Take this Pepsi can for example. It can be recycled, however it is easier to throw it into the nearest trash bin that you can find. The nationwide recycling…

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